18 Blogging Tips To Get Your Site Noticed By Your Target Audience

Who’s your blog’s target audience?

How well do you know their needs, what they like to read and what makes them click a link?

How do you get them to notice you and your blog?

Getting your site noticed by your specific target audience takes a bit of study and understanding, but I make it easy for you with these blogging tips.


Place Your Post Updates Where They’re Bound To Be Seen


1. Look Up Your Traffic Sources

Where is most of your traffic coming from?

Check out all sources of traffic and make sure that more visitors see your post updates at the sources.


2. Haunt Your Audience’s Haunts

Where does your target audience hang out?

If it’s Twitter, tweet about your posts and get others to tweet for you.

Make sure you haunt the same places, and place your post updates so they’re noticed.


Make Those Links Look Juicy


3. Jazz Up Those Titles

If you want your target audience’s attention, you have about 3 seconds in which to get it.

Your title should pique their curiosity and literally make them want to click the link to visit your blog.


4. Include Post Links In Your E-Mail Signature

Make your links short and easy; avoid a verbose intro just before the link.

Include a nice picture of you in your email signature, and some graphic element so people’s eyes go to it.

a man standing out from the middle of a crowd


Get Your Audience’s Attention


5. Post Comments On Other Blogs

Make a list of the top blogs haunted by your target audience.

Read their posts and upload thoughtful, insightful, intelligent and useful comments.

Be sure to paste a link to your blog.


6. Put Out Links To Relevant Posts

Read posts by other bloggers and write a post that’s relevant to their point.

Explore a different perspective of the same topic or go off on a tangent.

Post links to such posts on other blogs, on discussion forums and other places.


7. Establish Your Presence

Be it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube or any other sharing site, you must have your profile out there, with a brief message about who you are, what you do, why you blog and so on.

Your chances of getting noticed are much higher if you’re to be found everywhere.


8. Sponsor A Contest

If you find a contest that has the potential to attract a large audience in your target area, sponsor it using cash, services or products.

Make sure people notice you; interact, contribute and network to get more mileage out of it.


9. Create Your Own Contest

Get hold of other bloggers to sponsor a contest that you create.

Use social media and every other free PR and marketing trick to publicize the contest and gain visibility across different networks.


10. Review Products

People don’t buy anything these days without looking up product reviews.

Review products that are relevant to your niche and publish them on your blog, on other product blog sites and so on.

A group of blue men with a red one in the middle



11. Get Your Products Reviewed

While you’re at it, if you have products or services, get them reviewed as well.

You can either pay reviewers, or provide your offerings for free in exchange.


12. Up Those Search Engine Rankings

Your blog’s visibility is only as good as your search engine rankings.

This is where reviewing popular products helps to get you noticed on search engines.


13. Interview Other Bloggers

Publish interviews of other bloggers, niche movers and shakers as video, audio podcasts articles or even interesting infographics.

You’ll get noticed and tap indirectly into the audiences of your interviewees.


14. Participate On Blogging Communities

Discussions give birth to many ideas.

Look up blogging communities where your target audience participates, join in, contribute and network to boost your visibility.


15. Start A Newsletter

A newsletter is a great way to let your target audience know that you’ve got something worth reading about.


16. Vibe With Top Players

Get the attention of movers and shakers in your niche by helping them with their issues, re-tweeting their tweets and so on.

They will return the favor by making you visible to their audiences.


17. Trade Ad Space

You may not get a strong backlink with this method but you can get your target audience notice you and increase your readership.


18. Offer Something Extra

Offer lifestyle tips, consultations, photography tips, organizing Tweet-ups, tips on how to produce great videos on your blog.

Your visibility will grow along with your audience’s confidence in your abilities and offerings.


Anything to add?

Please let me know what you think in the comments below, thanks!

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    • Erik says

      Great point Jane.
      “20% of the top sites will contribute to 80% of the traffic we receive”.
      A little effort on Google Analytics may give useful information.

      Thanks for sharing you knowledge here today, Jane.
      Really appreciate it! :-)

    • Erik says

      Hello Martin,
      good question.

      You see, it’s really up to you, deciding what is your target audience.
      You should first answer some questions like:

      – what kind of products are you selling?
      – what kind of content are you writing?
      – do you have any particular online business?

      Depending on your answers, you can deduce your target audience.

      So what’s yours? :-)

  1. says

    It takes some tweaks and twists on a blog to improve its performance. This apply to the exposures and traffic generation.

    The tips shared here are some of the extras that can be tested to see any improvement.

    The good news is that most of these can enhance exposure if applied very well.

    Quality engagements and social media exposures still work fine!

    I have left this comment in kingged.com – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor

  2. says

    I think 1 and 2 are the most important in finding your target audience. Finding them is half the battle. Once you find them then you have to get your blog posts in front of them but you have to do that in a smart way. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    I found this blog post on Kiinged.com and Kiinged it!
    Maketta recently posted..Are You Boring Your Social Media Followers?My Profile

    • Erik says

      Hi Chery,
      glad to see you here for the first time!

      That’s right, connecting with influential people in your niche is one way to get noticed.
      And improve your audience too.

      Thanks for your comment!
      Have a great friday! :-)

    • Erik says

      Hello Nate,

      I am glad blogging communities are helping you to build your audience and traffic.

      I hope you will keep using and enjoying Klinkk! :-)

  3. says

    “Build it and they will come.” this is what bloggers sought after. You study everything you can get your hands on, you do your best to write quality content, and promote and etc.

    Furthermore, it would be traumatic, more doubt inducing, or more enthusiasm crushing than running a blog that you know is good, however, no one knows about.

    To be frank, to find out the function of your blog and stick with it isn’t just the trick. This post shares 18 valuable stuffs useful to get your blog noticed by the right audience.

    Erik thanks for sharing. It is very helpful, not just for me, but also to others who have a dilemma with the said topic.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  4. says


    These blogging tips shared in the article above are all valuable and helpful to make your site noticed by your target audience.

    Tips #8 and #9 – I guess your audience would be more interested if you’ll make a contest. Just think and research for a contest that will surely engage your audience and make them interact and contribute as well.

    Tips #10 and #11 – Both ways are good ideas to increase your online visibility. People online is always talking for reviews, whether books or certain products with regards to the different aspects of life. So, the chances are good for your site to be noticed by the public.

    Thanks for this much informative content! :)


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com

    • Erik says

      A catchy title is going to decide if you will get a visitor or not.
      Then your content will keep the reader on your blog.

      Thanks for your visit and comment, Ryan! :-)

  5. says

    Hi Erik
    It is great to read a post that summed up all ways and means to promote your blog and get it noticed by the wider level of audience.
    We need to keep promoting our blog with maximum possible methods. But we can bring desired results if the stuff we are promoting really serves the needs of our audience. It may be solution of their problems, guiding new ways to improve their life more or an invitation to follow a trend or style to make their life more comfortable.
    Actually we need to sell benefits on our blog with our contents, reviews, ads and placements. It we make our readers believe we want their benefit that is why we are blogging then no matter they believe us and buy what we offer to them.
    Thanks a lot of sharing such a wonderful list that really make others notice our blog.
    Mi Muba recently posted..Finally the issue of blog post frequency is resolvedMy Profile

    • Erik says

      Hello Mi Muba,
      that’s right.
      If you solve your readers problems,
      they will find benefits visiting your site often.
      This helps you building your reputation and trust online.

      Thanks for your visit and comment here!

  6. says

    Reaching your audience yourself first is a great way to get target specific audience. Because in this way, you know what you are doing and who are you talking to…

  7. says

    Tips 1,3,7,8 and 14 are like indispensable tips that every bloggers should engage in. making oneself relevant and participating in blog communities have upped me in the blogosphere. Formerly I hardly participate in communities and forums, but ever since I started doing that, both my relevance and visibility have tremendously increased. Thank you for this wonderful share
    Edwin recently posted..5 reasons your laptop is plugged in but displays not-chargingMy Profile

    • Erik Emanuelli says

      Running a blog itself, is not as hard as running a great blog with interesting newsletter.
      As you said, Reginald, it takes a loooot of hard work.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting, my friend,
      Have a great weekend! :-)

  8. says

    Hey Erik

    Well said here. These tips actually work. But here I want to say something, you have got to work really hard to actually do the stuff(mentioned in the post). At the end of day you get results, but many quit just before reaching that stage.

    Thus, “Never give up!” attitude and consistency are the key factors needed here. Again. Great post Erik

    Shan the caliph recently posted..4 Reasons why Beginners should go for Free Blogger platformMy Profile

  9. says

    Hi Erik,

    I so appreciate your ideas and experience. Some of this I already do naturally as a part of good common sense.

    I chose to figure how to define my audience by understanding what specific problems I “really” solve and then learned my unique voice and process for how to go about solving them.

    Once I knew that, it was easy to create the profiles and determine who they were and where they may be hanging out at.

    I’m experiencing the power of relationships with individuals who serve the same audience I serve but in a different way. When that happens, we can introduce one another to our audiences as trust is built between prospective partners.

    In my opinion that is one of the best ways to build and grow your readership. Of course there is a lot more to it than that, you have to have a defined strategy and goals, but it’s the big picture.

    Thanks as always for sharing your insights with us. I learn something new every time I read your articles!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted..Why Isn’t Your Online Presence Exploding?My Profile

    • Erik Emanuelli says

      Hello Don,
      sometimes we forget the basics!
      So it’s good to repeat and mention them from time to time! 😉

      From a recent interview I’ve taken part to,
      it seems like “understanding your audience” and “writing really useful content” are the two most important tips to follow.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment here, Don.
      Much appreciated!

      Have a great weekend!

  10. says

    Hi Erik,

    This is my first time on your new blog. I was a fan of your FreeMakeMoneyAdvice.com and I was wondering what happened.

    Anyway, I am happy to be here today. I have always liked your approach towards blogging and internet marketing. Your post is very direct and straight to point the title bears.

    One of the things I take time to do before hitting the publish button is the headline. A post headline is the magnetic force that will drag every single reader or visitor to take action. In most cases, I have seen myself come back to change my post title after writing the overall article, because I always want it to stand out.

    Another thing I don’t fail to do is blog commenting. This is one practice I carry out every day of my blogging career. I always make sure I visit my target blogs and leave a comment to their latest posts. This single practice is really bringing me new readers and visitors everyday.

    The commentluv plugin even makes it more so sweet to do blog commenting. It’s also another professional way of showing off what you recently put in stock on your blog.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece Erik.


    Jackson Nwachukwu recently posted..How to Effectively Boost Your Credibility as a BloggerMy Profile

    • Erik Emanuelli says

      Hi Jackson,
      happy to see you here!

      I had to take down FreeMakeMoneyAdvice blog.
      It was a tough decision, but I had to.

      At beginning of my blogging career, I tested several link building methods,
      and you can wonder what could have happened…

      I switched all my efforts on http://nopassiveincome.com/,
      which is going pretty good.

      And I created some other niche sites, like this one.

      You’re right about the post title,
      it’s indeed very important and can attract readers attention.

      Of course, the content must reflect the quality of the headline! 😉

      I appreciate your visit here today,
      hope to talk to you soon!

  11. says

    These are good tips. I have a quesetion: when establishing your social media and YouTube presence, is it necessary to promote yourself as much as the company you represent? I’ve heard that it’s common to promote yourself but I’m not sure its beneficial to do that.

    • Erik Emanuelli says

      Hi Geoff,
      it really depends if you want to focus on yourself or your company.
      And if you represent that company.

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